Quarry Cottage Recording: endorsements

"My son bought me a present of recording time with Quarry Cottage Recording and, as it was many years since l had laid down any music l was more nervous than l thought l'd be. Jon was patience itself and put me at my ease and when l was having trouble with my vocals - my voice isn't what it once was - he was happy to split up the sessions so that l was able to keep my singing to a minimum for each song. l can thoroughly recommend his service which proved to be a rewarding experience"
John Caven

"Meticulous attention to detail, lots of great gear that helps him work his magic. Thoroughly all round good bloke. Nice coffee.. What's not to like!? Highly recommended"
John Drury

"Since I started working with Jon I have had nothing but pleasure and a feeling of complete trust. Jon's experience as a touring musician along with his knowledge of recording has proved invaluable. I have been fortunate enough to have recorded in many professional studios down the years. If you appreciate, a friendly, patient and creative musician, engineer and producer, who can bring out the best in your songs and goes the extra mile in making that happen in a calm and relaxed environment, I would highly recommend working with Jon. And an extra bonus, the beautiful garden is perfect for taking a much needed break in"
Liz Narey.

I enjoyed working with Jon Harvison in his studio. The recording equipment is superb – it does what you need it to  - and Jon operates it superbly, adding the occasional comment which always helps when one is trying different approaches to the track. His rates are affordable and fair. I can highly recommend this studio, to amateur and professional alike.
Allan Taylor

"A skilled, relaxed and friendly approach. Creating an environment where you can think more about the sound you're trying to achieve without worrying about watching the clock"
Chris Martin.

"In 2019 I was honoured to take part in an international celebration of the music of one of my heroes, Bert Jansch. Two of Bert's guitars were travelling around Europe, and the idea was for the selected musicians to record some music on one of these instruments for a video channel. The only problem was it was all at very short notice...

I got in touch with Jon, who immediately set up a recording session in his studio. Within half an hour of me arriving, the first take was under way, and after several fumbles on my part, the piece was recorded to our mutual satisfaction. Jon then took several hours to mix and master the sound recording and then sync it with the video. The result was a terrific piece of video which was very well received by the organisers of the project.

I can't thank Jon enough for a wholly professional session – with an addition of good humour and excellent coffee! I highly recommend Jon to anyone seeking to record in an excellent studio with a top quality professional on the desk"
Gerry Cooper.

"Quarry cottage. Great sound and the kind of engineer that brings out your best bits. Thank you Jon"
Jim Woodland.

"Jon may have just produced the best album I have ever made"
Phil Hare.

"Jon really works hard to capture the sound and atmosphere you are looking for in your recording. He is easy to work with, open to giving you the benefit of his years of professional musicianship and knows what he's doing. He creates a really relaxed atmosphere in the studio."

"I called on Jon Harvison during lockdown as I've known him a long time and he is indeed a decent fellow. I saw his advert and thought he'd be someone I could trust and who'd listen to how I felt which would help us find the right sound. I was right and I'm proud of the recording we did. There was input from both of us while Jon respected my decisions and was flexible and reasonable. And by the way I felt I could believe Jon as a singer, whose songs are earthy and unique"
Jon Bridley.