Quarry Cottage Recording

From my early days as a teenager messing around with multitrack tape recorders, and indeed all through my career as a professional musician, I have always been fascinated by the process of recording. I used to spend almost as much time in the control room as the live room during the recording sessions with which I was involved.

I have always taken an active co-production role on my own albums and have been fortunate to have worked with some extremely talented producers and engineers, happily making a nuisance of myself asking them the how and why of what I saw them doing.

In 2002 I decided rather than hire studios, or be at the whim of record companies, I would start to invest in my own setup. Now, twenty years later, I have a very well equipped two room studio capable of 24/96 recording.

It's ideal for acoustic projects, from a single guitarist/singer up to small groups. I can comfortably handle anything from a simple demo recording to commercially mastered releases. I also have useful facilities for audio restoration, involving the deletion of extraneous noises and generally restoring old recordings to modern standards.

My original plan was to create an environment where I could record, and then release, my own work, then after some years, in 2010, I decided I'd reached the stage where I was confident enough in my own skills to open the studio up to other artists.

I have since had the pleasure and fun of working with many great players and singers who've released a number of successful albums.

I have also mastered several projects that were tracked elsewhere, both directly by artists and also for record companies.